Several year ago I started making videos covering some joseki that interested me at the time.

I've included these videos here. Sorry that they aren't too exciting, I'll see what I can do to liven them up in the future.

These are all over the place -- no consistent theme between them. But as this is my first article on this site, I wanted to go ahead and capture all of the videos I did years ago in one place.


 I spent a lot of time studying 5-4 joseki in the past. While that might sound strange, because really, who opens on the 5-4 point?... just keep in mind that if you attack a 3-4 stone with a 5-4 stone and they tenuki, that area where you attacked suddenly calls for 5-4 joseki:

 This video shows a joseki I rarely got to play, but whenever I did it usually paid off well. It use an elephant jump in response to a pincer. Most people who haven't studied this joseki will give into the temptation to cut the elephant jump, which turns out quite well for you. Even if they aren't enticed to take that bait, the joseki still gives good results:




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